LivingFuel HealthAlert: 10 Worst “Foods”

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Posted on 3rd March 2011 by admin in Health Alerts |LivingFuelTV

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  On this diet you can eat anything you want. The only catch is that I am going to tell you what you are going to want. 

KC Craichy, The Super Health Diet: The Last Diet You Will Ever Need! 

Dear Living Fuel Family,
“What’s for dinner tonight?”
This simple question will be uttered thousands of times this afternoon, maybe by you or someone in your family.
So how much thought have you put into your food choices today?  We have long championed the the idea of eating mindfully, with wisdom and intent.  Many do not give a second thought to what they are putting in their mouths until the consequences of a lifetime of thoughtlessness appears on a medical report or a reflection in the bathroom mirror.  There is a better way!
Today on LivingFuelTV, Monica and I continue our series on my new book The Super Health Diet: The Last Diet You Will Ever Need!  The book is jam-packed with practical tips on eating with foresight supported by education.  In The Super Health Diet, we present the worst “foods”, the subject of today’s fun episode.  Tune in today to see which “foods” make this infamous list by clicking on the graphic below to watch.
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Here’s to your Super Health!
KC & Monica Craichy
Founders & CEO
Living Fuel, Inc.