Cell Phone Safety Tips

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Posted on 1st October 2009 by admin in Health Alerts

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Did you Know? 

Scientists estimate that our daily exposure to electromagnetic radiation is 100 million times higher than when our grandparents were children.

In last week’s e-newsletter, we promised to share some practical tips to minimize the impact of electromagnetic pollution from Electromagnetic Frequencies (EMFs).  A top emitter of this potentially harmful radiation is our ever-present cell phones.

Here are some practical tips to protect yourself and your family from cell phone EMFs:

  • Purchase a low-radiation cell phone recommended by the Environmental Working Group (click here for EWG-recommended phones).
  • Use the “speaker phone” options and place the phone down on a desk or table away from your head.
  • Purchase a “skin” or rubber case as an insulator for your cell phone. This is important when texting or emailing from your cell phone. 
  • TEXT or E-MAIL instead of calling whenever possible.  This is especially important for children using cell phones.
  • Choose a “land line” phone whenever available and keep your cell phone conversations as short as possible, particularly when your phone is placed up to your head.
  • Avoid wearing “Blue Tooth” headsets all day.  Use them only when on a call and keep these these calls as short as possible.
  • NEVER have a cell phone on both ears and never be between a cell phone an a computer.
  • Keep your cell phone away from your vital organs.  For example, don’t place your phone in your lap or in a coat pocket.
  • Carry your cell phone in your purse, bag or briefcase rather than using a belt holster or carrying it in your pocket.
  • Avoid sleeping near a cell phone that is on.  It has been reported that an alarming number of kids sleep with a live cell phone under their pillow and text their friends in the middle of the night.  This is extremely dangerous!
  • Avoid using a cell phone as an alarm clock.  Instead invest in a wind-up travel alarm.
  • Check out watches that can actually protect you from EMFs, including our favorite – the Philip Stein Teslar watch.
  • Explore cell phone chips and other products from BioPro Technology.  BioPro manufactures a number of devices designed to protect you including the Air Tube Headset.

For more information about the invisible dangers of EMF radiation, click on the link below to watch an informative video:

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Is Your Cell Phone Dangerous?

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Posted on 24th September 2009 by admin in Health Alerts

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Did you Know?
  • More than 200 million Americans use a cell phone every day
  • An estimated 4 billion people use cell phones worldwide
  • Many doctors and health researchers believe radiation from cell phones can cause cancer
  • Some believe the cancer risk from cell phone usage could be as dangerous as smoking
  • The U.S. Senate Health, Education, Labor and Pensions Committee heard testimony just last week as part of its probe into potential links between cell phone use and cancer 
This is an important subject to all of us.  Cell phones and computers are a reality (and have become a necessity) in today’s world.  I use my cell phones and computers daily, and most likely you do, too.
Electronic devices such as these emit electromagnetic frequencies (EMFs) – radiation that, at high levels, can be environmental hazards.  As with all hazards, we need to learn how to minimize our exposure to them and protect ourselves from them.  Science tells us that every living and non-living thing has a natural electromagnetic frequency level.  You’ve seen the video of a wine glass shattered by a high pitch sound – a high frequency.  In the same way, there are external frequency levels that have the potential to harm you, such as the EMFs we are discussing today.
Today, we’ll focus on the cell phone models you and your family are using and how much radiation they are producing.  Next week, we’ll give you keys to minimizing exposure and protecting yourself.
Our friends at the Environmental Working Group (EWG) just published an insightful report on cell phone radiation.  They studied and tested over 1,000 cell phones currently on the market.  They also report the best (and worst) cell phones tested and publish a practical guide to reduce cell phone radiation exposure.
Click on the graphic below to see how your cell phone tested!
Click here to read the EWG’s full report.
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