LivingFuelTV: Are You Functionally Fit?

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Posted on 26th July 2012 by admin in LivingFuelTV |Super Health

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Functional fitness is for everyone!

This week, has anyone asked you to run wind sprints?  Have your children handed you two dumbbells to curl ten times?  It’s much more likely that you’ve carried bags of groceries from the car, bent down to pick up a stack of documents, or reached for a tool on a high shelf in the garage.  Welcome to functional fitness!

Today on LivingFuelTV, elite fitness trainer Andy O’Brien teaches how you can build your best body—a body that moves efficiently and free of aches, pains, and strains.  You accomplish this by training your body with movements that you do every day.  With functional training, the body strengthens and adapts, growing more efficient to undertake the activities of the day.

Click on the graphic below to watch to learn more.

KC Craichy’s SuperHealth Podcasts: Resistance Training For Strength and Rehabilitation

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Posted on 30th September 2011 by admin in Super Health |SuperHealth Podcasts

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KC Craichy interviews elite fitness trainer Dave Herman about using resistance training for strength and rehabilitation.

Watch the demonstration.

LivingFuelTV: Be Inspired!

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Posted on 15th September 2011 by admin in LivingFuelTV |Super Health

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Every day, we inspire children within our circle of influence by our example.  In turn, children often inspire us
to live a more healthy and whole life.

Take exercise, for example.  With limitless varieties of exercise to choose from, such as weight lifting, walking,
running, swimming, group fitness classes, and elliptical machines, just to name just a few, how do we choose
a program and get started?  And once we’ve begun, how do we stay motivated toward greater fitness goals? 
Let’s take a cue from the kids!

Today, on LivingFuelTV, meet 5-year-old Joshua and 15-year-old Austin.  They’ve teamed together and
developed a full-body flexibility routine that requires no equipment and minimal time.  Learn why flexibility
is so important for adults and children alike.  You’ll also see Joshua and Austin demonstrate and explain
their program and you’ll be amazed at Joshua’s flexibility.  We hope you’re inspired and encouraged to
create your own program at home.  The rules—start slowly, be safe, and have fun!

Click on the graphic below to watch.