KC Craichy’s SuperHealth Podcast: Gasping for Air

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Posted on 14th October 2013 by admin in Super Health

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Last week on LivingFuelTV, we introduced you to High Intensity Interval Training (HIIT) a proven form of exercise that we’ve been speaking and writing about for years.  HIIT is a short duration workout where you go at an all-out effort for a short period, rest, then repeat 7-10 times.  Studies and research are piling up on the remarkable benefits of HIIT.

While you may not be physically ready for an all-out sprint up a staircase, there are steady “steps” you can take toward this effort.  Remember: the journey is the destination!  In fact, startly slowly and building fitness over a longer period of time may actually be more beneficial than quicker results.  Consistent and gradual fitness gains tend to re-program your mind and solidify a new, healthy lifestyle that reaps physical benefits for years!

After last week’s episode, we’ve been asked How do I get started safely and in proportion to my fitness level? The answer is the topic of today’s episode.

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HealthAlert: Flu Shot Warning!

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Posted on 26th September 2013 by admin in Health Alerts |LivingFuelTV

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It’s easy to tell when ‘cold and flu season’ is here, just look at the numerous signs prominently displayed at local drugstores, urgent-care clinics, even supermarkets, offering quick, inexpensive (and often free) flu shots to protect you and your family from the dreaded seasonal flu.  Things that are advertised the most are often the largest waste of your hard-earned money.  Does this apply to the heavily advertised flu shot?  Does your immune system really need the ‘assistance’ of the annual “flu shot” to battle the flu?
Join me today on LivingFuelTV for an information-packed, must-see HealthAlert.  We’ll explore what exactly is a flu shot, how it “works” and we’ll investigate how effective was last year’s flu shot.  You’ll also learn many of the troubling ingredients in the vaccination.
We urge you to educate yourself before making the decision to get a flu shot.  To begin, click on the graphic below to watch.


HealthAlert: Avoiding Heart Attack and Stroke

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Posted on 5th September 2013 by admin in Health Alerts |LivingFuelTV

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The examination room is uncomfortably cold and the tissue paper on the exam table is sticking to the underside of your legs.  You’ve waited impatiently for your doctor, who finally arrives and delivers sobering news from your routine physical and blood test.  He tells you in no uncertain terms that you must make significant changes to your weight, diet, and lifestyle, or a heart attack, stroke, or early death is imminent.  Thousands have used this exact scenario as a catalyst to alter the trajectory of their health for the good.

In today’s LivingFuelTV HealthAlert, KC and Monica Craichy explain what heart attacks and strokes are, why they are so dangerous, and how you can help yourself and those you love avoid these often-tragic events.  Also, learn today that heart attacks and strokes are not the inevitable consequences of age and genetics.

Click on the graphic below to tune in.

Inside LivingFuel: Chia Seeds!

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Posted on 17th June 2013 by admin in Super Health

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Here at Living Fuel, our Customer Service team occasionally speaks to a new user of LivingFuel functional superfoods who asks:
What are these tiny bugs in my LivingFuel?
Well, these “bugs” are actually the mighty chia seed, the superfood of the ancient Aztec indians.  Chia seeds, the super seed, are getting quite a bit of attention of late, but those that love LivingFuel meal replacement superfoods and CocoChia snack fuel products have been enjoying whole, raw chia seeds for well over 11 years!
Chia seeds are a complete protein that contains all the dietary essential amino acids along with many trace minerals and micronutrients.  They are low in calories and rich in soluble fiber, calcium and magnesium.  Perhaps most importantly, chia seeds are your best source of plant-based Omega-3 ALA fatty acids, absoutely vital for good health. Chia seeds digest well when swallowed whole, even in those with compromised digestive systemsWe do not grind our seeds, because all ground seeds become rancid shortly after being groundAdditionally, chia seeds absorb more than seven times their weight in water and quickly form a gel that causes a slow release of carbohydrates and an equally slow conversion of carbohydrates into glucose (blood sugar) for energy.
Chia seeds are one of multiple high-impact ingredients in Living Fuel’s revolutionary whole-meal functional superfoods LivingFuel SuperGreensLivingFuel SuperBerry Ultimate and SuperBerry Original.  Each of these foods contain 5,000 mg per serving of whole raw chia seeds.
Enjoy chia seeds, along with over 60 other superfoods, vitamins, minerals, herbs, antioxidants, enzymes, prebiotics, and probiotics in a great-tasting whole meal functional superfood blend.  It’s living fuel indeed! 
The Wonderous Chia Seed

What’s On Your “Never Eat” List?

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Posted on 9th May 2013 by admin in Health Alerts |LivingFuelTV

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We’ve been blessed with a variety of foods for three key purposes: for fuel, for building blocks, and also, for enjoyment!  Your journey to Super Health is quickened up by regularly consuming foods that meet all three criteria, while avoiding dietary pitfalls that we’ll discuss in today’s episode of LivingFuelTV with KC Craichy.  You’ll learn foods that are dietary staples and readily available in modern society that should be on your and your family’s “Never Eat” list.  Knowledge is power!  Before you click on the graphic below to watch, consider the words of the ancient prophet Isaiah:
Why spend your money on food that does not give you strength?
    Why pay for food that does you no good?
Listen to me, and you will eat what is good.
    You will enjoy the finest food.
Isaiah 55:2 NLT

Less Exercise, More Results

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Posted on 25th January 2013 by admin in LivingFuelTV |Super Health

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Do you avoid exercise (perhaps sliding on your New Years fitness resolution), thinking that you need to spend hours in the gym or on the treadmill to gain significant fitness results?  This is not the case!  As with many things in life, exercise is more about the quality, not the quantity of your efforts.  It’s often what we do the 23 hours away from our workouts that can most determine our results.

Today, on LivingFuelTV, we sit down with elite strength and conditioning coach Andy O’Brien.  Join us as we discuss how a lean body, a low resting heart rate, and ample energy thoughout the day are results of your body adapting metabolically and hormonally to the physical stress you place on it during your workouts, along with what you do with the other 23 hours.  What does this mean to you?  You can maximize these adaptations with less time exercising by applying what you’ll learn from today’s episode.

Click on the graphic below which links you to a series of outstanding interviews with Andy on a variety of interesting subjects ranging from the physiological effects of sugar to functional fitness.  Today’s show is the second episode in the series, and the second episode on the page.  Click on the graphic below to watch.

Holiday Splurge Diet

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Posted on 19th November 2012 by admin in Holiday Health Challenge |LivingFuelTV |Super Health

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The holiday season, and this week of Thanksgiving in particular, is a true test of discipline and focus on our wellness goals.  With all the food choices set before us, it’s easy to get caught up in the moment, gorge ourselves and eat foods that we would otherwise avoid, resulting in lost ground on our hard-earned health and fitness.

In today’s special LivingFuelTV episode, Living Fuel Founders KC and Monica Craichy share practical tips to help you successfully navigate the holiday dinner table without losing any of the enjoyment.  For many of us, it’s a great objective to actually better our health over the holiday season!  This is an achievable goal, using a recipe with the following key ingredients: planning, foresight, preparation, mindfulness, and wisdom.

Click on the graphic below to watch:

Product Spotlight: LivingFuel SuperGreens

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Posted on 5th November 2012 by admin in LivingFuelTV |Product Spotlight |Super Health

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Living Fuel superfoods are unparalleled, cutting-edge nutrition. LivingFuel SuperGreens is the flagship LivingFuel whole-meal functional superfood, and this extraordinarily powerful formula has remained the top green superfood on the market for over 10 years and the only one of its kind.  There’s no better way to enjoy the remarkable health benefits of dark green leafy vegetables, plant protein and a host of top-sourced highly bio-available vitamins, minerals, herbs, antioxidants, enzymes, prebiotics and probiotics.

We receive many questions about SuperGreens such as ‘What is it?’, Why do I need it?’, ‘and How do I use it?’

Join Living Fuel Founders KC and Monica Craichy as they answer these questions and more on this one-of-a-kind superfood. Click on the graphic below to join us.

KC Craichy’s SuperHealth Podcast: Surviving The Candy Land Mine!

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Posted on 29th October 2012 by admin in Health Alerts |SuperHealth Podcasts

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Once a rare treat, sugar is now a dietary staple in modern society.  Today, mountains of research clearly show that sugar suppresses the body’s immune system, spikes insulin levels, slows the release of growth hormones, and triggers hunger, weight gain, and dental cavities, just to name a few of the ways that sugar can be destructive to your family’s health.

And this week brings us Halloween, the annual candy-fest that you can actually use as a “sweet” opportunity to teach your children lessons in health and nutrition.  With a little planning and foresight, you can help your kids manage their Halloween spoils, moderate their sugar consumption and impart some terrific nutritional good sense in the process!

Join us as we share suggestions to help take the trick out of their treats. Click on the podcast button below to listen.

HealthAlert: Mosquito Flu?! Does the Flu Vaccine Protect?

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Posted on 18th October 2012 by admin in Health Alerts |LivingFuelTV

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Remember 2009’s exaggerated H1N1 swine flu story?  For weeks, we were barraged with countless news reports with public health “experts” ratcheting up the panic and warning of the coming pandemic.  We were urged to have our families vaccinated with the only real protection, the H1N1 vaccine, or else!

So, here we are three years later and the “dreaded” flu season is upon us.  Major media is presenting only one side of this story.  And absent the fear of the swine flu virus, drug companies are now incentivizing us in more creative ways like offering drug store flu shot gift cards.

As we head into the flu season, we bring you a brief, but vitally important HealthAlert, today on LivingFuelTV.

You may have heard that there is no longer the toxic heavy metal mercury in vaccines, but that is not the case for flu vaccines.  Here is a list of just a few of the ingredients:

  • Mercury or Thimerosal (49% mercury by weight, used to disinfect and preserve the vaccine), mercury is a neurotoxin with a toxicity level one-thousand times the level of lead
  • Formaldehyde, a known cancer-causing agent
  • Aluminum, a neurotoxin suspected as playing a role in Alzheimer’s disease
  • Ethylene Glycol, an antifreeze
  • Carbolic Acid
  • Polysorbate 80
  • Triton X-100, a detergent
  • and a variety of antibiotics

It’s well-documented that vaccines can cause harm.  So, is the benefit worth the risk?  This question is one that you will have to answer for yourself and your family.  First, educate yourself then make an informed decision.

And what does all this have to do with mosquitoes?  Click on the graphic to watch.