SuperEssentials Aminos in Stock and The Diabetes World Summit

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Posted on 6th May 2014 by admin in LivingFuelTV |Super Health

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LivingFuel SuperEssentials® Aminos
is back in stock!
Thanks for your patience as we blended the very best in top quality ultra-pure amino acids that make up SuperEssentials Aminos.  New inventory is now stocked on our virtual shelves and ready for you.
Not familiar with SuperEssentials Aminos?  Join Living Fuel Founders KC and Monica Craichy in a special video as they answer three of the top questions on the power and potency of free form amino acids.   Today they answer:

What is it?
Why do I need it?
How do I use it?
Click on the graphic below to watch.
 Living Fuel SuperEssentials® Aminos

featuring KC Founder KC Craichy, begins today at a computer near you!

Diabetes, Pre-Diabetes, and Metabolic Syndrome affect a billion people worldwide and almost 100 million in the United States. What we’re doing, as a culture, is not working.
Living Fuel Founder and CEO KC Craichy has been a leading voice in the fight against diabetes for over a decade. “When you consider all the health consequences of diabetes with its cousins, diabetes and metabolic syndrome, it becomes the leading disease cause of death in the US,” Craichy said. Dr. Brian Mowll is host of The Reversing Diabetes World Summit.  He is the founder and medical director of SweetLife Diabetes Health Centers in Philadelphia, PA and serves clients worldwide as The Diabetes Coach™.  Dr. Mowll invited KC Craichy and other leading experts in the field of natural healthcare to initiate a change in the way diabetes is viewed and treated. This first online summit devoted to preventing and reversing Type-2 Diabetes begins today May 5, 2014 and runs for 12 life-changing days with 50 extraordinary presentations.

To learn more and see the speaker lineup and schedule click here.


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Posted on 29th August 2013 by admin in LivingFuelTV |Super Health

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When you lie down, you will not be afraid; when you lie down, your sleep will be sweet. Proverbs 3:24 NIV

Ahhh, the wonders of sleep.  While our conscious minds slumber, our incredible bodies are at work rebuilding, restoring and rejuvenating!  Sleep restores energy to the body, particularly to the brain and nervous system.  The heartbeat and breathing rate slow down, blood pressure falls, muscles relax, and the overall metabolic rate of the body decreases.  Simply put, the better we sleep, the healthier we are, the better we perform, and the longer we live.

In today’s practical episode of LivingFuelTV with host KC Craichy learn why sleep is so important and take away practical tips you can do tonight to improve the quality of your sleep, including some inexpensive and widely available natural supplements that may dramatically improve your zzzz’s!  Consider also forwarding today’s episode to a loved one that is struggling with sleep.  The four minutes you invest with LivingFuelTV today may add hours to your sleep this week!

The Energy Edge: SuperEssentials Aminos

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Posted on 12th March 2012 by admin in LivingFuelTV |Super Health

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A recent study published in the Journal of Sports Medicine & Physical Fitness demonstrated that supplementation with branched chain amino acids (BCAA) can enhance endurance excercise capacity. In this double-blind study, subjects provided amino acid supplementation demonstrated a greater resistance to fatigue compared to the placebo.*

The results of this study support the many testimonials we have received from athletes attesting to the benefits of Living Fuel’s newest product, LivingFuel SuperEssentials® Aminos. Not only does SuperEssentials Aminos contain superior levels of branched chain amino acids (with enhanced L-Leucine levels),
it contains optimal levels of ALL the essential and conditionally essential amino acids.

The exciting news is that that you don’t have to be an endurance athlete to benefit from essential amino acids. Anyone who wants to optimize their energy and weight should consider incorporating essential amino acids to their nutritional routine.

Join Living Fuel Founders KC and Monica Craichy as they answer the top questions about SuperEssential Aminos. Learn how intelligently and strategically supplementing with essential amino acids can help supercharge health, physical performance, mental clarity, and weight optimization! Living Fuel’s SuperEssentials Aminos is the most sophisticated and powerful free-form essential amino acids product available today. Discover what this amazing supplement can do for you and your family. Click on the graphic below to learn more:

SuperEseentials® Aminos

Fasting Without Hunger

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Posted on 8th October 2009 by admin in Super Health

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Dear Living Fuel Family,

Increased energy, optimized body weight, enhanced performance, improved mental clarity all without hunger or cravings while delivering a deep cleansing that gives all the major body systems a rest. This is what you should expect from the right fast. Is it really possible?

A daunting part of juice fasting is obtaining all the fresh, organic fruits and vegetables and preparing the juice. This tends to be inconvenient, time-consuming and expensive, not to mention a challenge to create a juice that is tasty and satisfying. Most people make their juice from fruit or sweet vegetable juices like carrots which are high in sugar and are not nearly as healthy as deep, dark greens and other colorful vegetables. In addition, juice lacks in adequate protein which can result in a loss of precious muscle.

LivingFuel SuperBerry, SuperGreens with SuperEssentials Omega are designed to sustain life indefinitely. They provide all of the nutritional wealth of fresh juice, plus numerous other benefits including high quality plant protein, fiber, superfoods, amino acids, herbs, vitamins, minerals, enzymes, prebiotics, probiotics and more.

In today’s video message, I present The Living Fuel Fast, a powerful and effective program to optimize your life. Click here to watch!