Holiday Health Challenge Tip!

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Posted on 27th December 2011 by admin in Holiday Health Challenge

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Though juicing provides many benefits, there are also more than a few drawbacks. First, anyone who has ever operated a juicer knows the mess they have to clean up, often deterring us from using one in the first place. Since juicers do not preserve the pulp, it also takes quite a few fruits and vegetables to produce just a small amount of juice.

Though juicing does give you a quick boost of energy, you don’t get any of the healthy fiber offered by those same fruits and vegetables. Not only is the pulp some of the healthiest part, but the insoluble fiber slows down the sugar’s impact on your bloodstream.

Then there’s the simple factor of cost. A good juicer can squeeze a few hundred dollars out of your wallet. And that doesn’t even touch the cost of all those fruits and vegetables you are going to run through it. Your money is better spent on a very good blender.

KC Craichy
The Super Health Diet