LivingFuelTV – SuperFit Without the Gym: The 7 Tiger Moves

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Posted on 13th January 2011 by admin in LivingFuelTV

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Consider the revolutionary idea that your own body can serve as your gym.  Today, we present SuperFit Without the Gym: The 7 Tiger Moves with 57-year-old natural fitness expert, John Peterson.  In my book Super Health, I present The 7 Tiger Moves, a series of highly effective and easy-to-learn exercises that can transform your body as well as your overall approach to physical fitness.
Join us as we discuss and demonstrate how The Tiger Moves can work for everyone–young and old, male and female, from the world-class athlete to to the health-challenged.  You can perform these exercises anywhere–in the comfort of your home, in your office or even on the beach on a beautiful day!
Click here to watch.  For your convenience, we’ve posted all episodes of SuperFit Without the Gym on the same web page we’ll link you to below.  Thanks for tuning in!
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