The Placebo Phenomenon

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Posted on 1st March 2012 by admin in Health Alerts

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Researchers and scientists have long acknowledged the reality of the placebo effect, the measurable effect that belief in treatment alone will yield positive results. Reliable studies on the efficacy of therapies and pharmaceuticals consist of two groups of participants—one group that is given the actual therapy or drug, and the other given a placebo, a simple glucose (sugar) pill. The results are often astounding.

We’ll be back with you next week, however, today on LivingFuelTV, we direct you to a fascinating story titled Treating Depression that recently aired on the renowned CBS News television program 60 Minutes. The story explores the impact of the placebo effect and features Dr. Irving Kirsch of Harvard Medical School. This insightful 13-minute segment leaves a powerful impression and is a must-watch for anyone taking or considering prescription medication.

Click on this link to watch:

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“Cancer: Step Outside The Box” Author Ty Bollinger Interviews with KC Craichy on LivingFuelTV

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Posted on 21st July 2011 by admin in LivingFuelTV

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Best-selling author Ty Bollinger sat down with LivingFuelTV host KC Craichy recently to discuss the book, Cancer: Step Outside The Box. It is Bollinger’s story of losing his father, mother, grandmother, two grandfathers, uncle and cousin to cancer in less than six years.

“The first cancer diagnosis was my father in 1996 on July 1st,” Bollinger told Craichy. “He died 25 days later. That’s what began my cancer research journey.”

Bollinger is the most recent guest on LivingFuelTV, a weekly health and fitness program dedicated to educating people about the best information concerning natural health solutions. KC Craichy and his wife Monica are show hosts.

Read more about the interview here.